Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

We are celebrating Memorial Day Weekend with an awesome giveaway from our friends at Precious Remembrance Shop who has so graciously donated this super awesome New Day Stamp Set.
I totally love how artsy there stamp sets are and they just stamp so beautifully. 
I have been a long time fan of there stamp designs.
Thank you so much to Precious Remembrance Shop for donating this awesome set. 

Enter to win by doing the following.
  1. Go to Precious Remembrance Shop Facebook Page HERE and thank them for this awesome prize.
  2. Leave a comment below tell me what your plans are this weekend.

Drive By Crafts appreciates all of our service members and there families who have served and serve in the United States Military. My husband also served and I know exactly what it is like when your loved is not home for months and you just pray that God will bring them home safely. My husband is not in the military anymore but he proudly served Gods country. It is a true honor. 
For God and Country.

Thank you so for stopping by.
Winner will be announced on May 31st.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Remember we also have a sale right now.
Happy Shopping.


  1. Happy Memorial day!
    And what a artistic stamp giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! I planning to work some Galaxy BG cards and lots of crafting as I am totally free this weekend:)
    Sending lots of love and May God bring your loving hubby home safely, who serving proudly your country!

  2. Thanks for this giveaway.Am planning to do set of thank you cards.

  3. i am celebrating my 70th birthday and enjoying the sunshine and catching up with friends.

  4. I'm just home for the first Saturday in months. It's kinda nice having a me day. The rest of the weekend we are spending quality time with family and friends....BBQ and swimming. Yipppeeee!!

  5. Such a fun stamp set! No big plans here...just the beach, bbq, and fireworks! :) Have a great weekend, Annette!

  6. I love Precious Remebrance stamps! The artsy look on them is fabulous :) We have no bug plan for this long weekend because my hubby gotta work on Monday, but we took the girl to the creek and lake on Friday afternoon and they had a blast :)

    You have a grrat Memorial Day weekend, Annette!

  7. Hey Annette, this is an awesome stamp set. I am still putting things in my cart from your store. So excite for you. I love how you set up your online store. So easy to shop and find things. We went to my youngest's College Graduation. So excited. Was a long but fun day!