Friday, March 3, 2017

A Mother's Love

If you have girls, then you know about the "drama bomb". The panic call about how the world is ending and it's all their fault and it can't be fixed and everything is all wrong and it'll be this way forever... which is usually about something like their eyeliner isn't straight :)  I get those calls often from my daughter who's in college.  Usually late at night which puts my heart in my throat until I learn the problem is, well, fixable and not really a crisis. So we talk and before you know it, the "crisis" is averted and all's right in the world again :)   My girl recently posted this on Facebook...

thank you for being the most amazing momma ever and always answering my calls no matter what time and calming me down 💕 i love you always

 Sigh and tears...that's what I'm here for, Sweetheart...


For my card today, I'm highlighting a new stamp and die set from Avery Elle:  Mother's Day.  I made the shaker by cutting a circle in the center and used a My Favorite Things Shaker Pouch and Drive By Crafts Lemon Drop sequin mix (LOVE this mix!)  Then, I stamped the sentiment on a strip of vellum and placed along the center.

Thanks so much for dropping by and I'll see you next week on the Drive By Crafts blog!


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    1. Kathy! I love your pretty card and your sweet post!

  2. this card is so pretty Kathy.. love your post.

  3. This is so very lovely and beautiful, Kathy!